July 25, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are heading to California for a week. We planned a little get away to Disneyland. This will be Chloe’s first trip & plane ride. I am totally nervous and excited at the same time. Chris is trying to keep me in check and not to pack the entire house. I will be back in a week and tell you all about our adventures.

July 22, 2009

Baby Workout

Chloe will be 4 months old this weekend and she has been working hard on her muscles. I try to rotate her around to various areas so she can play and not get bored. This is an area I have set up in my office. The closet doors are mirrors so I laid down a few blankets and toys in front of it. She loves to look at her self in the mirror and also look at us through the mirror.

She has been doing real well on tummy time. I try to do 2 sessions a day one before lunch and one late afternoon. I put her on her tummy as long as she will go. She can roll from her tummy to her back.

As soon as tummy time starts so does the drool faucet. You can kind of see it dripping from her chin. It just keeps flowing. I can’t imagine how much drool she will have once she starts teething.

Her favorite exercise place is her Rain Forest Jumperoo. This past weekend we were able to take the box out from under her feet and just have a blanket and frog mat. She likes it when you get in front of her and bounce up in down while she is jumping. It is hilarious to watch her fancy footwork.

I also try to keep her propped up as much as possible, so she will start sitting on her own. This will also help with the flat spot on the back of her head from lying on her back the first few months of life.

Chloe prefers to be a wake during the day; I can’t get her to take long naps. What she does do is play until she passes out. She will usually sleep for about 20 minutes here and there. In the afternoon around 2:00 I will put her in her crib she will scoot around the crib on her back babbling to all the Winnie the Pooh characters that are on her bumper. Eventually she will fall asleep and sometimes for 30 to 40 minutes.

July 12, 2009

Baby Outlets

Chris asked me the other morning if I wanted to go shopping or something. First off Chris would rather stick pins in his eyes then go shopping, so I was shocked. I did not give him a chance to take it back and said YES! I told him I found out there were baby outlet shops down in El Paso, about an hour and a half away. We have a little vacation planned for the end of the month and I wanted to pick her up a couple of things to wear for the trip. The photo is of a few of the outfits we found. On the left is a jumper from Baby Gap $8.99. In the middle is a jumper from Gymboree, Jumper was $7.99, t-shirt $6.99. On the right is overall dress from Oshkosh, dress was $16.80 bodysuit $9.60. Overall I was very excited to see the low prices at the outlets.

I do one load of baby stuff every other day. If I didn’t I would run out of stuff I use every day.. She has way more laundry than Chris and I combined. That is another reason why I needed to go get some baby outfits for our vacation. I am not sure how I am going to handle packing for her and making sure we have enough supplies to last us 5 to 6 days. Cross my fingers she does not have any diaper blowouts while on vacation so her daily clothes last longer. She will usually go threw 2 to 3 outfit changes a day due to drool or having formula on her shirt. In this load there was 14 bibs, 4 onesies, 3 blankets, 3 burp cloths, 3 pairs of socks, 2 wash cloths, & a sleep sack.

Chloe is lucky enough to have two furry siblings. That is Cosmo on the left & Haley on the Right. I was not sure how these guys would react when we brought Chloe home to join the family. They both love her and have accepted her as part of the pack.

Cosmo likes to hang with Chloe when she is content. He is usually close by. He was really interesting while I was pregnant he would jump on my lap and kneed my belly while purring.

He likes it when she is having a good time and will often go to check out what all the commotion is about. Also when she is lying on the floor he will walk up to her and smell her feet or face, I think to check if she is alright.

Haley is a little more annoying with her love for Chloe. She comes on too strong. She would lick the baby to death if we let her. Also she is Chloe’s biggest Ali. If Chloe starts to cry and I am not in the room Haley will start to howl and join in with the noise. She will also run to get me if Chloe is crying to either say hurry up Mom she needs you. I am looking forward to when Chloe is mobile and can chase after the two of them, and I can’t wait to see how much fun she will have watching them do crazy things.

I started working on a yo-yo mobile for Chloe’s room. I had planned to make one before she was born but did not realize how tired I would be my last trimester and never got around to making it. The photo and pattern is from the book Sweet Booties and Blankets, bonnets, bibs & more, by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader. I will show you progress photos as I make it.

July 7, 2009

Chloe's Friends

At three months old Chloe has two favorite things. Her pals are Panda & Stitch.

I picked up the little stuffed panda bear when I was pregnant. I had read somewhere that babies can see things with high contrast in color the best. We would always place panda close to Chloe so it was kind of a familiar object for her. Once Chloe was able to grasp panda their friendship took off. She will often bring him close to her face and babble sweet nothings to him. In this photo I think Panda told her a funny joke about Mom & Dad.

It is not all fun and games, Panda is always up for a serious conversation, and he is the best listener.

Stitch is the alien from the Disney animated movie “Lilo and Stitch”. I have this blanket with this embroidery of Stitch on it. I keep it thrown across the top of the couch. I did not think anything of it until one day after I fed Chloe I placed her over my shoulder to burp her and she got so excited looking at Stitch. The embroidery was exactly face to face with her. Now I make sure it is placed where she can see it when I burp her. She is always happy to see him and will often babble to him and she will run her hand across him. It is so cute.

I started working on crocheting a lap blanket. I am using yarn that I had in my stash. The colors are kind of fun for summer. You can not have too many blankets when you have a baby. I am constantly throwing a blanket on the floor with some toys and placing Chloe in the middle of it. The more time she gets trying to move around the better. I have pets, so the blankets are a necessity.

It is my wedding anniversary today. Chris and I have been married for 10 years. We were talking this morning how 10 years ago we were getting up and getting ready for our wedding, and today we got up and changed a diaper. Look at that we have a baby, how did that happen. We have done so many things and accomplished so much in the last 10 years and since Chloe has been born we have already started to make some changes in our plans for the future and planning a few different paths then what we are currently on. For those of you that have followed me these last couple of years you will start to see things unfold and you know that whatever changes come about I will meet it head on and make the most of the wonderful life I am living.

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I wish you all a happy Fourth of July. Today we are just bumming around the house and enjoying the day. This giclee was created by renowned Looney Tunes artist, Kirk Mueller and is titled “Patriotic Parade”. I thought I would stick with the patriotic red white and blue theme for this post and show some cool things I found.

This is a Little Firecracker onesie handmade by Potatopatch over at Etsy. She makes her designs using carved potatoes as stamps. She has sizes all the way from birth to 18months.

This is the cutest little dress I found over at Best Dressed Tot. I could just see a little girl wearing this on the 4th of July spending the day in the sun with lots of holiday fun.

Blue Patriotic Maryjanes by Mooitui over at etsy. These shoes are made for babies not yet walking. Ok these shoes are adorable. I keep Chloe in socks right now because she doesn’t need shoes yet she is not walking. I try to be practical on this kind of stuff, but these Maryjanes are calling to me. LOL

I can not talk about 4th of July with out bringing up food. Here is an inspirational patriotic cake made by Amelias Cakes. I have cakes on my mind, and have been thinking about what kind of cake to make for Chloe’s first birthday next year. I know you are thinking that is a long way away. I kind of would like to go all out and make a fancy themed cake, so I will probably need to practice a bit before the real deal.

This is a Mickey Mouse Pinwheel I found over at Disneyfamily.com. They have a whole page on 4th of July craft printables you can print out and make for your 4th of July celebration.

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