August 12, 2011

Chloe's San Antonio Videos

I finally was able to download the videos of Chloe from our San Antonio trip. Thank you family for being patient with me, it seems to take forever to download those things for everyone to view them. For my readers that are here for the crafty stuff I just completed 2 gift projects and will be able to share the details shortly. I am just waiting for the recipients to receive them. One is in the mail and the other will be delivered at a birthday party tomorrow. This weekend I will be sewing my Pinwheel blocks together. I can’t wait to see how they come out.

Riding Carousel

Splash Zone

Eating Icecream

Brushing a Goat

Chloe on a Ride

Playing with Balloon

Wave Pool

Wave Pool


Anonymous karen said...

Looks like a great trip, lots of fun, oh i just loveeeeee summer!!!!
Can't wait to see your pinwheels, signed up for that too, had all my fabric, then found out a close friend is getting married in a few weeks, so simple wedding quilt instead. Will have to order more fabric :D I'm not complaining ;). Thanks for popping by my blog!
Karen x

August 15, 2011 at 12:10 AM  

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