August 31, 2011

August Wrap Up

August felt like a busy month and flew buy in a few blinks. I did not try many new recipes this month but I did manage to make a batch of Chocolate muffins. I took it up a notch and made the big ones. That is how I roll.

My front yard made it thru the hot summer. This little humming bird light my husband brought home for me from the hardware store. It is solar powered so you just stick it in the ground. It is watching over my favorite plant at the moment, my purple bougainvillea.

I am working away on my hexagon blanket. I am finally starting to attach all those circles into hexagons to form the blanket. I am on my fourth row. I decided that all the circles that have the yellow on the outside I am attaching them using the pink yarn. This way it gives a bigger contrast than with the cream. I am three months in on this project and looks like there is an end in sight.

My Pinwheels in the Park Quilt is coming along. I completed my quilt top. With no one around to hold it up for me, I taped it to a cabinet to get a photo. I am a bit behind the group schedule that has us done by today. Looks like I will need a bit longer to sandwich my quilt and do all the quilting before binding. I have my backing fabric and also my binding fabric and just picked up my batting today. I don’t have a big enough table to pin it all together so I will need to wait for some time that Chloe is not around and I can tape it to the kitchen floor and pin it all together, preferably after I clean the floor.

I am looking forward to September and hopefully some cooler temperatures. Chloe is doing great and is growing like a weed. In a week or two I am planning a potty training weekend boot camp. Not looking forward to that but we need to get it started; I can’t put it off any longer. She is definitely ready I am the one holding us back. Here are some photos of Chloe taken in August.


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