November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great holiday. My sister-n-law came to visit. We went out for a holiday brunch. Here is Chloe at the brunch sitting in a restaurant high chair for the first time. She did great and sat there for over an hour. Friday we went out shopping for some winter clothing for Chloe. She turned 8 months on Wednesday. We bought size 12 months for her, they are a little loose but should last her through the winter season. We also got her Christmas shopping done. We decided to just get her a few key items. She seems to outgrow toys just as fast as she out grows clothing. So there was no need to break the bank on shopping for toys for her this Christmas.

I received an email from that had a photo of a child wearing a turkey headband. Through some search I figured out the headband was a Pottery barn kids from several years ago and no longer available. I really wanted Chloe to have one so I decided to try and make one for her. After a couple of afternoons with some scrap fabrics and my sewing machine this is what I made for her.

November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Finds

Thought I would share a few things I have found for Thanksgiving that are way too cool not to share. This onesie “Today I give thanks for my Mommy” You can find this over at

The two children’s books I found are Mickey’s & Winnie the Pooh’s Thanksgiving both by Disney. I am a sucker for all things Disney.

This is Pumpkin Pie dress by Sweet Plume I found at I think this is an adorable dress and perfect for the holiday. You can find this handmade dress HERE along with some other wonderful clothing made by Sweet Plume.

I won the Kreativ Blog award. Hang on a second while I do the happy dance. Ok I am good. Rachael over at Rachael’s Journey gave me this award. Thank you so much. Rachael has a beautiful new daughter named Isla.

The rules are to list 6 things I value and 6 things I don’t. Then pass this award onto 6 people.

I value:
My relationship with my husband
My darling Chloe
My Family including pets
My freedom

I don’t Value:
Cheats & Liars
Family Drama
Time spent on hold

The 6 people I am giving this award are:

My Open Road – wonderful blog and a new baby boy born May of 2009

Our Lives in a Nutshell – Lindsay’s kids are too cute for words.

Heir to Blair – Blair has a newborn son a little over a month old.

A Record of Rose – Rose has a new baby boy.

Mrs. Muffins – A new baby girl named Riley

Swell Little Life – Angela has a new baby girl named Chloe and her husband is also named Chris. We both got a kick out of that.

All six blogs are wonderfully creative and are regular reads of mine go check them out.

November 18, 2009

Wish List Wednesday - Books

This week’s Wish list Wednesday is to name the top four books you have waiting for you to pick up or the four you would most like to read next. I thought I would start with 4 books on Chloe’s Amazon list before I get to my personal list.

In My Tree” by Sara Gillingham. The owl is a finger puppet that you can move while reading the story. Sara has a whole series of books like this. This one caught my eye because I like owls.
Baby Faces” by Playskool. Babies love to look at other babies so I thought this would be a good book for her.
The Real Mother Goose Treasury” by Grace Maccarone. This is an old favorite that I remember reading to my younger brother.
Animalia” by Graeme Base. I have a bunch of alphabet books on her list. This one looks like it will become a favorite in our house.

I love to read; unfortunately with a new baby my reading time is limited. For some reason when I was pregnant I had visions of myself reading while staying up all night with the baby when she was born. I can laugh at that now. Who knew I would be so exhausted that any spare moment I would be passed out trying desperately to get a few hours of precious sleep. I can say that now that Chloe is almost 8 months old, I do have much more time then I did in the beginning for reading. With that being said I have a pile of books just calling for me to dive into.

Top on my list is “The Physick Book of Deliverence Dane” by Katherine Howe. I have always been a fan of books on Witches since I was a kid. So I was naturally drawn to this book. I usually go for the more fantastical kind with broomsticks and black cats, and spells, but it is always fun to read the stories that make it more real and believable like this book seems to portray.

This next book is “Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion-Year History of the Human Body” by Neil Shubin. I love Science, in particular biology. I am drawn to evolutionary Biology and am absolutely fascinated and love to learn as much as I can.

Next on my list is “Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters” by Jane Austen & Ben H. Winters. Jane Austen is one of my all time favorite authors. Why not take another look at her writing from a different point of view. This is the second in a series. The first was Pride and Prejudice & Zombies. I am starting with this one because I don’t care for Zombies, they creep me out. Sea Monsters I can get into. If I like this one then I will go back and read the first.

Last is “Bear Portraits” by Jill Greenberg. This is on the top of my amazon wishlist at the moment. Jill Greenberg is an animal photographer and she has put together a book of her bear portraits. What can I say I love animals and I am a huge fan of animal photography. It is certainly on my list of top five coolest jobs in the world.

I could probably go on and on and list several more books, just sitting here I can see at least 4 more that are sitting on my desk and waiting for me to open and start a new journey. If you want to join the group head on over to Jennifer’s blog and pick up a link and add your name to the list.

November 13, 2009

Finished Tank Top

I know I am a little late posting about the tank top I knit up for Chloe, especially since the temperatures are dropping. I did finish it in time for our Hawaii vacation, unfortunately I forgot to pack it for the trip. I love how it came out, and it fits her perfectly. I plan to knit another one next summer in a larger size to fit her next year. The pattern is called “Katja” and you can find it free HERE. I used Plymouth yarn Sunsette in color #23. Here are a few photos with her wearing it.

I have already started another knit for Chloe. This one is called “Sunny Side Up Hoodie” picture above from the pattern. It is a free pattern from Lion Brand yarn. You can find the pattern HERE. I am using Misti Alpaca 100% baby alpaca hand dyed yarn in color #EZ01. It is a multi with light pastel yellows and pinks. It is super soft to the touch.

Friday Favorites
At the moment I am loving this Monin “Pumpkin Spice” syrup. I add a little to my black tea in the morning with a dash of milk. So yummy. It also tastes good in a homemade pumpkin latte.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank goodness it is Friday.

November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

November 6, 2009

Winter has Arrived

We already had our first snow of the season. This is a photo looking off of the front porch looking onto the pasture. The temperatures have dropped and we have our pellet stove on high gear to keep the furnace from staying on all hours. I am still shocked that it is already November.

Chloe is doing great. It is amazing how fast she grows. I already have a large box full of clothes that no longer fit. She started giving me kisses this week. They are a little sloppy and she needs to work on closing her mouth and puckering. Oh they are so sweet and I love them.

To all the moms out there, have you ever had one of those days that the baby is cranky all morning and the constant noise coming out of the child’s mouth is about to send you running for the hills. Well I have had those days too. One day I could not take it any more and went rummaging through the house for a solution. Tupperware, my friends was my answer. I dropped a pile of lids and bowls on the floor in front of her and it was a miracle. She played quietly for the longest time.

Mickey is Chloe’s best bud. After being chewed on, dragged around and dropped in you can imagine all the places. Mickey was starting to look a little grungy. It was time to give Mickey a good scrub down. I was a little scared because I only have the one and if I messed him up, I am not sure what I would do. I did the sink bath with detergent and tossed him in the dryer on air dry. He came out perfect and his white gloves were white again.

Friday Favorites
I will leave you with a favorite thing of mine, or at least something I am really into at the moment. Blue Bell put out a Mango flavored ice-cream and we decided to give it a try. This stuff is so good. I am usually a chocolate girl all the way but every time I have some I am blown away at how good it is.

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