July 21, 2011

Seersucker Summer

1. RLD0005P Ralph Lauren Girl Seersucker Dress, 2. Seersucker shorts 3, 3. Red Seersucker Flower Pillow, 4. IMG_0871, 5. Summer Time Seersucker Full Apron, 6. Seersucker Conductor Baby Booties, 7. seersucker & ticking, 8. Seersucker for Sammy, 9. seersucker, 10. seersucker knickers, 11. Smocked silk seersucker yoke dress, 12. Seersucker Top

Chloe was sick all last week and as soon as she felt better I started feeling crappy. Oh, the joys of mother hood. These two weeks are a total bust and not much has been accomplished. As I sit here in a daze with my box of tissues, I felt like sharing a few flickr finds inspired by my new obsession with Seersucker fabric. I have been seeing it everywhere lately. It is such a perfect fabric for the summer. I will be back as soon as I feel better.


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