March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Chloe

Chloe is now 2 rears old. The whole day I kept thinking about 2 years ago and being in labor. I wonder if I will still be thinking about that when she turns 20. We are taking a trip for some much needed relaxation and plan to celebrate her birthday then. When we get back from the vacation I plan to make her a special cake and we will do presents when we get back. This has to be her best week ever. Chloe has been in the best mood all week, no tantrums, & no trouble. Hopefully she is not saving up all the drama for our trip. The older she gets the harder it is to plop her down and take some photos. I attempted to take some photos of her in a new dress. Looks like I will continue to try over the course of the next few weeks. All I need is one good shot so I can frame it to mark her second birthday. Here are some of the photos I have so far, as you can see I don’t have the best shot yet.


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