November 20, 2010

Boxes & More Boxes

We moved in. I can’t say we are unpacked yet. Here is the front of the house.

The backyard is a blank slate. We are not going to worry about it until next spring when the weather warms back up for planting.

If you walk thru my house you will see many piles of boxes much like this stack here. You might find me unpacking a box while Chloe is in another part of the room making a mess with something I have already put away. It is an uphill battle I hope to conquer by the end of the year. I think my biggest challenge is that we downsized with this house. So we moved from a larger house to a smaller one and even though we got rid of some stuff I need to get creative on how to make space for things. Our master closet is what I am dealing with now. We have about half the hanging space we had in our old closet. I think I might try those clothing storage bins under the bed and switch out winter sweaters with summer clothes depending on the season. I will also need to fold up pants and stick them on a shelf or something. If anyone has any storage tricks or ideas feel free to pass them on to me.

The week we moved into the new house we found a new home for our dog Haley. We love and miss her dearly. We just did not have the time to give her all the attention she was craving in her later years. We were able to find an older couple that already had an Italian Greyhound. They fell in love with her and vice versa. We are so fortunate to find her such a loving and good home.

This is the lump we had on our bed the first week we moved in. It is our cat Cosmo hiding under the blankets.

Cosmo is still getting use to the move. He slinks around and mostly comes out when it is quiet, basically after Chloe goes to bed. I think once we are all unpacked and settled into a routine he will be more comfortable.

Note from Chloe
Hello everyone. I am the luckiest kid in the world. My parents bought me a new house. This place is so cool. I have a big back yard full of dirt to dig in and run around until I am too tired to stand. We live much closer to the grocery store and even close to the park. One night we had this thing called pizza delivery. I thought it was ok but my parents were so excited they were dancing around the living room. Apparently they had not been able to have pizza delivery in 8 years. Geez that is like 7 life times to me, my parents must be ancient. Well I better go Mom is busy and I want to finish stuffing some raisins in the couch cushions before she notices.


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