September 14, 2010

The Girl Can Walk

Chloe finally started walking on her own. One evening last week I was on the phone with my mother and Chloe got up and walked about 9 steps towards me. It was sooo cool. She did it a couple more times that evening. She has been walking a little bit here and there each day since and building up her confidence. I am so excited for her and for us.

This is a video of Chloe with her favorite toy at the moment. It is a stuffed cat she calls KittyCat. Her favorite thing to do with KittyCat is to lye him down and cover him up with a blanket and she will say “Night Night”. She will do this over and over again. Otherwise she will just drag him around the house and he will participate in anything she is doing.


Blogger Open Roads Mama said...

omg, she IS good! the girl can walk, that's for sure!!!! (I would have never guessed she's practicing her walking from this video, she's so good!!!!) :)

September 14, 2010 at 10:45 PM  

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