July 26, 2010

16 Months Old

Chloe is now 16 months old. You hear it all the time how fast they grow, it is amazingly true. Chloe has 11 teeth that include 3 molars. She is eating well. I will cook up some food for her on the weekends to last thru the week. I will usually make some pasta, she likes the mini shells. I will also make up some rice using chicken broth instead of water. Then I will make 2 veggies. For protein I will give her turkey, chicken, ham, or a beef meat ball. Almost every meal she will also have fruit. Some foods Chloe loves are: grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate chip waffles, American cheese, yogurt parfait, & blue berry muffins. She likes to explore her environment. She will open up draws and cupboards that do not have the safety locks on and will take everything out of them. Some times she will put them in different cupboards for me to find later. She says Mama all the time and sometimes she will even pat my chest and say it. The dog and cat are still her first priority, and is always fascinated to watch and see what they are doing. Here are some recent photos of Chloe at 16 months old.

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