March 6, 2010

Elk Come to Meet the Ladies

Earlier this week we had 2 Elk on the property checking out our lady alpacas. We will often have groups of elk and deer that will come foraging around the alpaca pastures. It was kind of surprising just to see these 2 all by themselves. They were clearly out for a bit of fun.

Here is a photo to give you some perspective of what was going on. The Elk are on the left and a bunch of our girls are under the tree to the right. It is almost like the tree is safety.

One by one a brave female alpaca would go check out the Elk.

It was very entertaining, almost like the other females were daring one another to go meet them.

I have been keeping busy, trying to use all my spare time working on some homemade presents for Chloe’s birthday on the 25th. Chloe’s grandmas are coming to stay with us that week to celebrate her first birthday. I am remembering how pregnant I was this time last year and so ready for her to be born. Well better get back to it. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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