February 28, 2010

Resolution End of Month

I have completed the 2nd month of my resolution and have just one month left. Unfortunately I did not apply myself as much this month as I did the first. So in the end I have nothing to show for it. I went up and down with the same 2 pounds the entire month and ended exactly the same weight as I did at the end of January. I have several excuses, but of course that is all they are excuses. The one thing that did come out of February is that I started doing some exercises. I am currently at 20 girl push-ups a day. I am already noticing a difference in my arms. Which is fantastic and gives me incentive to keep it up. I guess the good thing is I did not gain any weight. So my goal is to get back on track for March.

Chocolate Milk
My Parenting the early year’s magazine mentioned a new study from Spain suggests that chocolate milk may have similar heart health benefits to red wine. It says that men and women who drank the stuff regularly were found to have higher levels of the good HDL cholesterol and less artery inflammation than those who didn’t. Well that is all I need to know to not feel guilty drinking chocolate milk or giving it to my child when she is old enough to have milk. I have always been a chocolate milk drinker and feel it is a good way to get your calcium.There is a great website on chocolate milk with lots of information HERE.

Ice Cream
I am keeping my eye out for the Laloos ice cream. It is made from goat’s milk and packs about half the fat of ice cream made from cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is lower in lactose, lower in fat and easier to digest than cow’s milk. The goats on the Laloos farm have 350 acres of rolling hills to romp and play and graze on. The ice cream comes in several flavors and they also have several flavors of frozen yogurt. To check out their product and see where you can find it go to their website HERE.

Change is in the Air
This month has been draining on me. I am longing for the sunnier days of Spring. I feel as though this Winter has taken a toll on my optimism. The good news is we are setting in motion some plans we decided on last year after Chloe was born. We have decided to put our house up for sale this Spring and move closer to town. Living out in the country with our pack of alpacas was a wonderful adventure but now that we have Chloe, the farm and being out in the middle of nothing just seems like too hard of a life. It is time for change and new adventures. We have big plans for many changes this year. Now if Winter would just go away so we could get started on them.


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Horizon isn't really organic:


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