January 15, 2010

The Friday Fats

Please pass me the cup of chocolate. There is one thing for sure and that is I can not go for very long with out chocolate in my life. Fortunately for me it is good for you in small quantities.

I am doing well with my resolution and I have found that treating myself to a little bit of chocolate once or twice during the week helps to keep me from going crazy and possibly eating an entire chocolate cake. I feel you need some kind of reward system for sticking to your goals and getting results.

There are many temptations all around me. There is a stock pile of treats and sweets in my kitchen left over from the holidays. You would be so proud of me I have not even thought about diving into them. Of course the easiest thing would be to toss it all in the trash. Unfortunately I have a husband that is not on my plan, and there is no living with him if he does not have a little something sweet each day.

Another temptation is the office. I normally do my office work from home on my computer. Recently we have lost our office manager so I have had to go into the office a few days a week to pick up the ball she dropped. Anyway my Second day back at the office it was an employees birthday and there was cake and tons of snack foods and what not laid out all over the break room table. GREAT! I had brought my lunch shake and a 90 calorie snack bar. Again you would be proud of me. At lunch time I sat at the table with my shake and scanned the table for something that I could possibly eat. I found a fruit tray and put a few pieces of fresh cut fruit on my plate. I quickly ate and went back to my office. I did not have one piece of that birthday cake. I told myself it probably wasn’t good anyway.

What is Working
Drinking lots of water I feel is helping to keep me full. After the first few days I started to take fewer trips to the bathroom. If you are going to increase your water intake I would recommend starting it on the weekend due to the frequent trips to the bathroom.

Having something you can have that you look forward too. For me it is a hot cup of tea. I have found having a large warm cup of tea through out the day is comforting and I look forward to it. I just ordered a few more boxes of varies flavored teas from The Republic of Tea. I ordered Apricot Honey, Pomegranate Vanilla, & Ceylon Breakfast. I prefer the flavored teas when I am not adding any sugar, or milk.

Not finishing my plate when I feel full or it just isn’t doing it for me. Several times this week I have been eating and I have stopped and looked down at my plate and decided I was full and did not need to finish the rest on the plate. Or if I am eating something that is mediocre I will stop, why bother shoveling food down that I don’t even like.

What is not Working
I would sum this up to say my husband is not making this easy for me. How much easier this would be if it was just me. Last weekend my husband got up and made us both waffles with cherry pie filling and whip cream. I will never discourage him from cooking. If I could get him to do it more often I would love it, but it probably was not the best choice for my resolution. I ate it and enjoyed it. I just was more careful the rest of the day.

Article in January’s O magazine by Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz lists 5 secrets of “waist loss”
#1 Spoil your dinner –he recommends eating a 100 calorie snake about a half hour before dinner (like a handful of nuts).

#2 Nix soft drinks with meals –quench your thirst with water instead.

#3 Fill up on fiber- a high fiber breakfast will keep you full until lunch.

#4 Eat with awareness – no zoning out in front of the tv.

#5 Build more muscle – Dr. Oz says you may have heard that muscle burns more calories than fat but did you know that it burns a dozen times more?

Well that is about it for my weekly resolution check in. I am feeling the results so far in that my jeans are a little looser. Maybe by the end of the month I will be able to throw them in the dryer after washing with out the fear of them shrinking.

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Blogger Crystal HW said...

Glad to hear what is working is working so well!

I used to have a husband like that. Unfortunately for me, he just doesn't cook anymore since I am no longer working. So we made a deal. . if he wants the sweets around, he has to cook a couple times a week to get them.

January 18, 2010 at 3:29 PM  

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