September 15, 2008

Family Trip to Florida

I had a great time visiting my family in Florida. My brother surprised me with a few gifts. Among them where these cool books, How to traumatize your children & The Three-Martini Play date. These books are great and I have to say kept my interest more so than the standard baby books I have been getting.

I found this cute onsie at one of the shops in the Disney Market Place. I know it is blue but I figure a girl or boy can wear it. It says All Aboard for Fun.

My First Appointment
They took my weight, checked my blood pressure, they checked my urine for bladder infection and did another pregnancy test. All checked out fine. My doctor was real nice. There are 4 doctors in the practice. She said that there would be one OBG, and one midwife on call every night and depending on what day you go into labor that is who you will get. At least someone is always available.

She did a breast exam, and a pelvic exam. She said my uterus is the size of a grapefruit which is about right for how far along I am. She got out the Doppler and we tried to get a heart beat but the baby was moving around so we could only hear a few swishing noises and caught my own pulse a couple of times. She said my pelvic bone is still kind of in front and once the uterus grows over it will be easier to catch the heart beat.

They sent me home with a big bag full of reading material and some samples. This photo is of a diaper that was in the bag. I can not believe how small the diaper is. The only experience I have ever had with babies was with my little brother and he was born when I was 4. The diapers seem to have improved since then. They are much more soft and flexible, and appear more breathable.

Weekend Drama
I managed to twist my ankle this weekend, so I have been couch bound with my foot elevated packed in ice. I was looking forward to doing some sewing but life got in my way, and will have to wait to sew until my ankle feels better. I have read that you tend to get clumsy when you are pregnant due to the changes in your body. This is a scary thought considering I have always been a little on the clumsy side, I just usually don’t hurt myself in the process.


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