August 2, 2008


Welcome to my blog. I recently found out I was pregnant and decided to journal about my experience through this blog. This is my first baby so this is all new to me. I will be learning as I go. My husband, Chris and I live out in the country in a small town in New Mexico. He is a dentist and we own and run a small dental office. A couple of years ago we got involved with alpaca ranching and have been able to grow a small herd.

The dental office and the alpacas keep me pretty busy but in my spare time I enjoy knitting, sewing, quilting, baking, & gardening.

We also have a few pets besides the alpacas. We have a 13 year old Bassett Hound named Brandy.

We have a 6 yr Old Italian greyhound named Haley.

Lastly we have a 5 year old cat named Cosmo.

Come on back if you are interested in reading through my experiences of being pregnant and having our first child.


Blogger Angela's Heartwork said...

Congratulations! I, too, am due on April 4th! This is our first child, I am 32, and have been married for 6 years. I have had nausea and morning sickness for about 2 weeks now and I cannot wait for it to pass! I have had 2 ultrasounds so far and the 2nd one (taken last Thursday) was amazing! My next appointment is the beginning of October & we are hoping to find out if it is a boy or girl... as we just can't wait! Good luck & I'll be keeping an eye on your blog! (Comparing notes! LOL)

Counting it all joy,

September 8, 2008 at 12:26 PM  

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